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Metalux® 2K HS Filler Primer System
Scientifically designed for car refinishing and new body work, this Metalux® 2K HS Filler Primer system is comprised Read More...

9354 HS 2K Clearcoat – High Solids
Formulated as a high performance Clearcoat for the Metalux® basecoat system, the 9354 HS 2K is a high-build Read More...

Montana® PE1500™ Speed Clear 2.1 VOC
Designed for panel and multi-panel use, the PE1500™ Clearcoat offers outstanding Dry Times for a speed clear Read More...

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Painters stake their reputation on quality. Wild Wes Paintworks, Wes Adkins specializes in Custom Air Brush designs. From successful shops to award winning SEMA show cars, Adkins has made a name for himself within the industry.

Having been frustrated with the ability to achieve proper color match and continually wasting time with his current paint line, Adkins vented to his jobber, Shop Owners Warehouse, who suggested Adkins try Metalux®. 

Adkins tells us, “Metalux® was a perfect match. Over 80% of the time, I can use the paint right out of the can it matches so well. Metalux® color matching is superior. That saves me bench time and money!”   Read More